Caricature by Taras Kowaliw

There was a young man named Taras,
Who pondered math questions en masse,
To show his artistic bent,
Upon my white board he went,
And sketched my poor profile, alas!

There was this weird geeky mathematics student in the next office, by the name of...

Let me start again: There was this brilliant mathematics student in the office next to mine who used to come charging into my office, and, using my whiteboard, frenetically outline some obscure, but new, finding in advanced mathematics. I would nod my head sagely (and at the appropriate times, for the most part), and that seemed to make him happy. Eventually satisifed that he had successfully disseminated some gems of knowledge1, he would return to his corner of the world.

Once, when I was trying to ignore him most studiously, he drew this caricature of me. Actually, it's quite good, and (at the risk of sounding maudlin) I am pleased to add it to my main web page.

Go check out Taras' web site and see more evidence of his artistic abilities. Be sure to enjoy his poetry generator.

1. Not to be confused with pearls of wisdom.

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