SCORM Extensions to IMS
27 Jan 2004


The following lists SCORM extensions to the content packaging, metadata, and simple sequencing IMS specifications.  In addition, it also provides brief notes on the "adlnav" schema.

There is a list of extensions for each IMS spec.  The structure of the list is to first note where in the IMS spec an element or attribute has been added by SCORM.  The path to the IMS element is given using quasi-XPath notation.

Then, the new element/attribute is using a namspace:name notation.  Following that is a brief set of notes that describes what the extension is an how it is intended to be used.

In some cases, I have explicitly noted that there is no extension at a certain point in the IMS schema by listing the extension as "none".  This is avoid the implicit question, "well, aren't there any extensions here?".

Here are links to the major parts of the document:

Content Packaging

The following lists the extensions to content packaging.

Types of CP

In addition to the new elements/attributes, ADL defines two kinds of CP, namely, a "resource" package, and a "content aggregation" package.

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There are no extensions in terms of elements or attributes.

Like CanCore, there are recommendations for the vocabulary to use for different metadata elements.

More interesting is the idea that different types of SCORM object require different kinds of metadata.  Thus, there is a different metadata profiile for:

The profiles differ in terms of which metadata elements are mandatory, the vocabulary for specific metadata elements, and the best practices recommendations.  There are too many details to list here.  Read SCORM_v1p3_WD1_CAM.pdf starting at Section 4.5 (it's page 182 using Acrobat).

Note that this is different from the current implementation in TILE.  We use a "minimal requirements" schema for meta-data, and that minimal requirement applies to anything that has metadata.  Beyond the minimal requirement, we have specific metadata fields for different types of resources where it "makes sense".  For example, a video has metadata about its duration, but an image doesn't.  Also, we use the profiile defined by the CanCore recommendations, and their vocabulary.

Finally, we require metadata for resources, files, and content packages (manifests), but not for items.  SCORM does have a profile for items (they call items "activities").

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Simple Sequencing

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ADL Nav Schema

This is simply a repeat of elements/attributes that were noted above, but all in one place.

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